Thanks for dropping by my page! Well, a little bit about me.

I'm an Australian woman living on Darkinjung and Awabakal land, near Newcastle, New South Wales. I wear many hats. By day, I work as a Features Writer and Communications Consultant. Nights, weekends and on a five month sabbatical every year or two, I explore all things wild and creative as an artist and adventurer. 

Currently, my main creative / adventure project is building my body of work from my Chilcotin Adventure in Canada. I have also been growing Studio Carragher with my Mum and sister.

When I was a little girl, I loved atlases, I poured over maps and my favourite magazines were the Geographics. I was fascinated by other cultures and all things wild. In my heart, I wanted to be an adventurer and an explorer, with my camera, paintbrushes and pen as my tools to capture the world as I saw it and to hear what it was trying to say to us. 

Life though can sometimes have other plans. A few years ago it felt like my world caught fire. Once I navigated my way through that chapter and saw that my world had changed as I knew it, I realised I was given the opportunity to have a blank canvas. To chase those childhood dreams. To chase the Wild Life

It’s taken me from backpacking and couchsurfing through the Americas by myself (but never alone, as there are always people to meet on the road), to driving kombis through New Zealand with my two favourite roadtrippers, swimming with dolphins in the South Pacific island nation of Niue and living in the remote Canadian wilderness.

Increasingly, I have realised I love the secret places. The untouched. The pristine. The places that steal your breathe. It's often in these secret and pristine places, that you meet the most interesting of characters too.  


From Sydney to the UK and South Pacific, the roles I have worked in have been as diverse as Whale Whisperer, Dive Master, Art School Owner and, somehow, modelling for Couchsurfers. 

On the more corporate end of my career, I have worked as Chief Speech Writer for a tier of Government, the Comms Strategist for a $600 billion sector, managed a network of 250 MarComm professionals, delivered election campaigns lobbying for the rights of regional and rural communities and the environment, to interviewing and writing feature stories on some of the best scientific researchers of our living generations and the ‘World’s Most Influential Minds’. 

It is those skills from my corporate career that I wish to combine with my passions and creative pursuits to make a difference. 

My best work is when I let all my practices collide and when I follow my passions and my heart. It is also when I am given the time to reflect. I want to let a place speak to me so I can see what it has to say and what it and its environment needs. It might be just sharing its apparent beauty through a painting, photography or prose. Or it may be that there is a need for funding for research or conservation or a particular animal or region needs awareness to protect it. This is where the concept of being a Wild Life Creative was born. I will let the place decide...and tell the stories that need to be told.

In the process of exploration and learning about the world, I hope I can also learn more and grow as an artist, writer, photographer, friend, citizen and as a person. 

Draw, explore, write, take flight, keep it wild, keep it styled, be love and see love. Capture it all x




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