Jacqui Daley
Founder and Managing Director
The Measured Marketer

I’ve worked with Kate within a number of capacities over the past couple of years. Our most recent collaboration has been utilising Kate’s skills as a communications specialist for a messaging project. Kate nailed the brief - presenting brand messaging that was unique to the market - and most importantly, that our client loved.

Kate is a special, sparkly person that approaches her work with passion and enthusiasm. She connects with people quickly and delivers on time.

Rosemarie Milsom
Journalist & Director of the Newcastle Writers Festival

A Wild Abandon is the perfect name for this exhibition – which is Kate’s first. The concept of going into the wild and letting go is an act of rebellion at a time when most of us experience life through our phones  - and through other people’s social media posts. Throughout history, women have been discouraged from turning away from society’s expectations – which have traditionally been very limited – and venturing out into the wilderness.

Even now, when many of the world’s wildest places can be reached within a couple of days of intense travel, it is a defiant decision to step away from day-to-day life – the technology, the to-do lists, the deadlines – and just be – among bears, and bison, and towering spruce trees. 

Kate has chosen to do this. Last year she spent five months in North America and visited national parks, including Yellowstone, Banff, Mount Rainier and the Cariboo-Chilcotton region in Canada’s British Columbia. Her act of rebellion means that we get a glimpse of this stunning part of the world. 

Her photos capture the landscape and the wildlife – there is a stillness, a majesty in her images of the Chilcotton grizzly bears. And while she is right there, in the moment, they don’t feel obtrusive. She has sat and watched – and absorbed the environment. 

Excerpt from Rosemarie's beautiful Opening Speech for A Wild Abandon: Awaken the Bear Exhibition (thanks Rosie!)