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About studio carragher

Welcome to the family / /  My sister Abbie and I were born with paintbrushes in our hands. Largely thanks to our Mum, Sue - who has been an artist for more than 30 years. 

Studio Carragher is the space where the three of us publish our works and where you can purchase an original, print or see a little bit about what happens behind the scenes. We are all very different, but often find that we influence each other in our styles. 

On occasion, we also feature our Dad, niece and nephew's work too. 

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about vida

Vida Media //

UPDATE: Currently on PAUSE while the team chases the world, some dreams and/or has beautiful babies. On our own search for deeper meaning and growth. We'll be back soon! 

To help women embrace the search for deeper meaning and growth, three of my girlfriends, my sister and I started Vida - an online community, print publication and events like Creative Camps.  

We want to help women find their own inner compass to navigate their way through life by providing a treasure trove of personal stories, articles, illustrations, quotes and photography and ensure that in this life you are not the only one. Aiming to connect people through the power of personal and lived experience - the lessons learned and the lessons we are still learning. Compelling, raw, challenging, inspiring and honest accounts from people just like you.  

Vida (noun) 
Life, existence, liveliness, living, love, dearly loved, beloved or friend.

Vida symbolises the wisdom of sharing our stories with each other. About life and the events and lessons that happen along the roads of human existence. Vida is far more than a women's magazine, it is a piece of our heart, a journal, a community. It is the letters from and for the women who have come before us, who walk besides us and for the next generation who walk in our footsteps. 


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