THANK YOU to everyone who came to the Exhibition Opening of ‘A Wild Abandon: Awaken The Bear’ and for the messages of support from so many of you. It meant the absolute world to me. More than you could know.

Awaken the Bear_A.jpg

Creative work rarely exists in isolation. I want to say thanks to a few amazing people who helped make this happen (this is bigger than an Oscar speech - so strap in!).

Big thanks and big love to: 

Rosemarie Milsom for your beautiful words to open the exhibition. I could not have asked for a better person or speech to begin.

Our gorgeous musicians - the stunning Kylie Jane and Ukulele Queen Olivia Green. Thanks for sharing your art and talent with us. To my lil' cousin thanks so much for my beautiful song too - it was so special to share our ‘debuts’ together.

My creative community - Spencer HornbyRicky CavarraRenae Saxby and the Lennon to my McCartney, Lauren Monaghan. Whether it was talking me through the emotional troughs of creative process from 12,000kms away to giving opinion and tips on how to edit, your generosity in sharing your knowledge and time is something I will always treasure. You guys are the best!

Spencer Hornby and his Dad deserve special mention here. Coaching me through a few hours of editing then printing up four of the images you see on the walls. You are incredible Spencer and a true gem.

Morgan and Shannon from Shannon Hartigan Images - thanks so much for bringing so many of my images to life and your many hours of work and dedication and treating them like your own! 

Possibly the nicest sponsors ever, Kathmandu with special thanks to Summit Club and Community Coordinator Lindsay Tallott for your ongoing support and providing me with all the gear for the adventure. You really have helped make my dreams happen.

The Edwards and all the staff for hosting and having me as an unofficial artist-in-residence / piece of furniture. Special thanks to Alan - who has gone way, WAY, WAY above and beyond. I don’t think there is anything this guy can’t do. 

And of course, my beautiful family - who always have my back and support me, no matter what I am doing. I am incredibly blessed to have all of you - Can't do what I do without you. 

I'm donating a portion of my work and all donation entries, and so far we’ve raised a total of $300, with more to come. This will be split between Pacific Wild's  #SAVEBCBEARS campaign and the Northern Lights Wildlife Society when the exhibition finishes. I encourage everyone to check out what is happening on their pages too, with Bear 148 (BC's equivalent to Cecil the Lion) killed this week by a hunter. 

Prints are available for order or purchase at or you can also always call me on 0410 528 314 if you wish to look at other sizes or have any questions. 

The exhibition will be on until October 16 - so if you missed the night and want to check it out - wander on down and feel free to send me a message if you want a personal exhibition guide!

Kate xx