While I post a lot of wildlife pics, I love capturing and telling the stories of everyday people and extraordinary humans too.

From the original whale whisperer to the world's most pierced lady, I've met some incredible characters. I've also had the absolute privilege of spending a fair amount of time writing profiles on some of our world's leading scientists and researchers.

One of the most fascinating people I have met is my friend, Chendi.

In the British Columbia mountains in Canada, he lives off the land in a hobbit-shaped home he handmade from driftwood. Once or twice a fortnight, we would visit Chendi's house that was home to billion-dollar views, walk through his giant garden or check out the sculptures he creates from the roots of the juniper bush.

In remote regions, characters are strong. They are unashamedly different. They are unashamedly themselves. Chendi was a frequent and timely reminder to me that life does not have to be lived to a convention or social construction. This image was taken on my last visit to Chendi's house.