WINK Pens!


A few days after Sasquatch!, I was sitting hundreds of miles and six hours away in Portland with Hannah and Kella, sharing a few bevies. It popped up in my newsfeed that the Kickstarter Launch for The Important Project was happening in Portland right then. A 13 minute walk from where we were at Departures on the Rooftop. I can only conclude that it is indeed fate. 

While I was at the launch, I went to check out the artist’s stores and got to chatting with Jessica Chan, whose product I fell instantly in love with. 

WINK PENS! This pen is a one-of-a-kind, refillable glass fountain pen and built to write with alternative inks such as wine, juice or tea, or any kind of liquid that contains a staining property. The opportunities are endless - think food colouring, botanical juices like berries and leaves, soy sauce, you name it! Each pen is handcrafted and is a hybrid between a dip pen and a fountain pen (in that it is both manually fed and also contains an in-reservoir).

As most of the people on my Facebook would be aware, I accidentally started a series called the Tea Tales. Where, in the time it takes me to drink a cup of tea, I draw a little picture from the base of the cup (on occasion, I sometimes adapt this to other glasses, like wine...obviously depending on how good that day is!). This little exercise has ended up growing and becoming a little passion project!


Later, Jessica’s fiancee told me that when I saw the pens and that I could draw with any kind of liquid, my face lit up. I told Jessica that I thought it was the best idea ever but I wouldn’t be able to purchase anything at the moment, as I was on a strict budget for my adventure. 

Twenty-four hours later, I was sitting in a diner in Vancouver, Washington State, chatting with Jessica. She had made me an amazing little pack of goodies to play with and explore with on my adventures out in the Wild and has asked me to be a brand ambassador for Wink Pens.

I am just so excited and honoured to be a part of this adventure and I can’t wait to explore Wink Pens with the Tea Tales! Thanks Jessica and the Wink Pens team!