In my heart, I have always wanted to chase this vocation that for a long time did not have a name. There was just a call inside me. To go adventuring. With my camera, paintbrushes & pen as my tools to explore it. To let all these practices collide and give myself the freedom and time to explore it, to grow + make a difference in the world. 

This has been my wildest dreams. In time, that dream has started appearing little by little. It started crystallising when I named it - as a Wild Life Creative. 

I think I am still in shock that that's me there on the Kathmandu page, one of Australia's leading brands. To have a company so reputable sponsoring me as an Adventurer and Wild Life Creative is both humbling and amazing. Like many travellers, Kathmandu is a brand I have a strong sentimental bond with from wearing the brand on many of the best days of my life, out there seeing the world.

Kathmandu has offered me way more than I requested in my application, given product advice and told me they don't want anything from me except for me to just be me & do what I do. And to share that journey. 

In today’s age where corporate greed is rife, I have been quite blown away at their generosity and support. And I love them even more now. I appreciate the opportunities they have opened for me so much. In supplying me with the gear I need, they will make this trip so much more comfortable and affordable (my toes were about to come out of my hiking boots and I was considering duct tape!). 

The best part though, has come from the people in their team. In their genuine belief and excitement for my dreams, they have made me look beyond and cemented in me the knowledge that I am on my path, that this is not really a dream now. This is happening. I am ‪#‎LivingTheDream‬ now. 

Thanks Kathmandu! 

xx Kate

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